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ANT Hosting’s cutting edge cloud hosting service, Briefcase, is changing the way businesses work on a daily basis. You can trust in our expertise as cloud storage providers to bring you a product that improves your business. Briefcase is similar to using a shared network drive, except that all information is stored online, in the cloud, a much more dynamic storage facility.

How does it work?

When you install ANT Hosting Briefcase on your company computers cloud storage begins straight away, running in the background automatically, backing up your files in the cloud and providing access for everyone in your network to the information they need. With the power of the cloud you can keep information in one easily accessible place, cutting out the need to send documents through potentially unsecured pathways.

What can you do with Briefcase?

Storing information online allows you to;

  • Access files from anywhere, either within the office, at home or on the road: perfect for hot-desking or remote access.
  • Ensure all documents are compatible for both Mac and Windows devices
  • Work collaboratively on the same document
  • Back up files online
  • Easily retrieve and restore lost documents
  • Auto-cache features also allow you to store specific folders offline for fast access

Control features

  • Secure access to your storage facility
  • Ability to set access restrictions on certain user groups
  • Version control features for effective collaboration

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  • Yearly License Fee
  • Network Drive
  • Backup Storage Unlimited
  • 48-bit Encryption
  • 128-bit SSL Transfer
  • Data Compression
  • Incremental Backups
  • Secret Encryption Key
  • Data 100% Encrypted
  • Free Setup
  • Backup open files
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